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Environment, Health and Safety


At ZEON, we are fully committed to achieving excellence in Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and conduct our activities in the most responsible manner. The importance of EHS is continually stressed and extensively promoted as a part of our corporate culture.


Our EHS Policy provides for the creation of a safe and healthy workplace and a clean environment for both, employees and the community at large. It aims for the highest international standards in plant design, equipment selection, maintenance and operations. The policy is a commitment that we will manufacture our products safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.


The implementation of the EHS Policy is ensured by institutionalising a robust EHS Management System which is adequately supported by a well-defined organizational structure. EHS performance is periodically reviewed at facility, regional / divisional and corporate levels to monitor the progress. Close cooperation between all units and individuals is key to maintaining high standards of environment protection and occupational safety; health at all the facilities.


The key processes comprise regular safety surveillance, inspections and audits; permit to work system for operational/maintenance safety; fire prevention and protection activities; operation of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)/Incinerator; disposal activities related to hazardous wastes; and regular monitoring of the environment, internally and through approved laboratories. The state-of-the-art equipment installed at our major facilities for recycling of the treated effluent has helped us achieve the status of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).


We also engage with the concerned authorities and industry in devising responsible laws, regulations and standards. We have made EHS concerns and practices a necessary factor in appraising our employees. We accord the highest priority to hygiene monitoring at workplace and health assessment of all employees at facilities. Our plant and processes are continuously upgraded to improve hygiene and health standards. Necessary training is imparted to employees to enhance their awareness in health and safety related matters.

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