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How is Collagen Good for You?

Collagen is an important protein in your body, which maintains the elasticity of your skin. It builds your skin and it helps you to gain attention amid the crowd. It helps in building bones, muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen is also found in other parts like teeth, corneas, blood vessels, etc.

Collagen in Human Body
Collagen in Human Body

Types of Collagens

  • Type I consists of 90% of the body’s collagen. It’s made of dense fibers and this type of collagen builds your body’s skin, teeth, muscles, tendon, connective tissue, etc.

  • Type II collagen is made of loose fibers and usually, it’s found in elastic cartilage. It provides support for your joints and it helps in easy movement.

  • Type III collagen forms the structure of muscles, organs, arteries, etc. and it provides ultimate flexibility.

  • Type IV collagen is used for skin filtration and thus you can explore a better skin texture.

Types of Collagen
Types of Collagen

Taken as a whole, you get a clear view of the types of collagens and it helps you to choose good products increasing collagen production. It’s useful to improve the signs of aging and you would feel confident to explore life in a new way. Your skin becomes soft and supple and it brings in a big smile on your face.

Learning the Benefits of Collagen

  • Collagen helps in relieving joint pain. These tissues feature a rubber-like texture, which increases the flexibility of the joints. With age, the collagen decreases, which leads to a condition called osteoarthritis. Once the collagen starts increasing you would see improvement in the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

  • Collagen boosts muscle mass and improves the structure of skeletal muscle. People with sarcopenia are highly benefited from collagen supplements and you can explore better health. It improves the production of muscle protein that gives you confidence in real-time.

  • Collagen improves skin health and helps you to explore the beauty hidden deep inside your soul. It reduces the formation of wrinkles and you can stay younger for a longer period.

  • Collagen supplements also promote gut health and improve the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Research shows that people with low collagen usually suffer from gut diseases. Collagen forms a part of your colon’s connective tissue and GI tract and thus it’s important to improve the production of collagen.

  • Collagen holds your dermal layer and hair follicles together, which in turn keeps your hair strong and healthy.

  • Collagen powders are packed with bioactive collagen peptides. Bioactive collagen peptides treatment promoted an increase of 12% in nail growth rate and a decrease of 42% in the frequency of broken nails.

Deficiency of Collagen
Deficiency of Collagen

How to increase collagen naturally?

There are certain foods, which increase collagen naturally.

Vitamin C is one of the essential components, which is necessary to increase collagen. It is also highly found in certain citrus fruits like lemon, pineapples, etc.

Copper is also a necessary component for collagen production and it’s found in sesame seeds, cashew nuts, etc.

Apart from these Zinc, Silicon, Amino acids, Hyaluronic acids, Aloe vera Gel, Ginseng, Antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, are also involved in collagen synthesis.

Natural Sources of Collagen
Natural Sources of Collagen

Find the Right Collagen Option for You -

Derma Products

Bone Health Products

We at Zeon Lifesciences aim for

“Good Health for All”

Zeon is serving with 30+ years of experience in the industry, we are working meticulously to bring the knowledge of nature with innovation and advanced technology in the form of unique combinations to our consumers. Our in-house formulae and manufactured products are for all age groups in various SKUs such as Spray Dried & Dry Blended Powders, Diskettes, Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Capsules, Syrup & Drops, Granules, etc.

Our specially designed derma products are enriched with the nutrition of collagen for healthy skin, hair, nails & joints.


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  • 4 manufacturing units under 1 roof

  • 33+ years of experience

  • GMP certified facility

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