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What’s newly added in the ZeoNutra basket | Introducing the New Packaging

!!!! New Launch Alert !!!

This month we are coming up with something new... Guess Whattt..????

Well, we are constantly improving and innovating products in the basket. We are pleased to announce the launching of brand new products for the kids and women health segment.

Let’s reveal the products...Are you ready…?


We are coming up with the new products #ActiveWomen MultiVitamins tablets for Women’s health & New “KIDSPRIDE in Vanilla flavor” for kid’s health, and a new and improved flavour of Immunity Chewable tablets.

Excited, Yes….!!!!

Have a question??? Want to know WHY we planned to launch Kids & Women’s products together …??

In Launching the active women tablets, one of our major concerns was mothers' health. Post pregnancy and during breastfeeding, a woman requires a certain amount of nutrition for the child and mother’s good health. Being engaged in taking care of baby, household, professional and personal activities the mother gives no or less attention to her nutritional diet. This scenario directly affects the growth and development of the baby leading to their physical and psychological imbalance.

Keeping the concern in mind our research and development team worked on formulating a perfect nutritional supplement the “Active Women”. It fulfills the daily nutritional need of women.

It’s not over yet…!!! This is not only for mothers.

These Multivitamins and minerals tablets are helpful to all the women who are not able to take proper nutrition in their daily routine & face problems like lack of energy, fatigue, body pain, muscle strength, low metabolism, and low immunity, lack of Multivitamins, minerals & necessary nutrients.

Why MultiVitamins and minerals are important for Women?

Every woman has specific Nutrients need that change throughout their lifespan.

For example, teens have different nutrients need than postmenopausal women whereas pregnant and breastfeeding women require greater amounts of specific nutrients than non-pregnant women. Deficiencies are also more common during certain life stages and circumstances, such as pregnancy, unhealthy lifestyle including smoking and drinking, stress, unhealthy routine, or other medical conditions.

How it helps?

ActiveWomen tablets are enriched with all the natural ingredients like Grape Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Lutein, Lycopene, Amino acids, Multivitamins, and Multi minerals… which help to increase the Metabolism, Reduce Stress, Enhance Energy, Boost Immunity and Provide Good Health.

Still, have a doubt? Click here to know more…!!

After a Record-breaking Sale of Kids’ most loving and all-time favorite delicious chocolate-flavored drink “KIDSPRIDE”

& after receiving so many requests for a new flavor. We decided to come up with a new one & created a poll in between Toffee & Vanilla flavor…

After getting an overwhelming response & thousands of votes we have finalized Vanilla as our new flavor & now we are launching “KIDSPRIDE with Vanilla Flavor”.

Are you Excited ??

Let’s check out what it contains & Why KIDS loved #KIDSPRIDE & their parents preferred it…

KIDSPRIDE contains 37 vital Nutrients required in kids growing age, It’s delicious flavor turned a big NO into YES by converting the odd smell and taste of raw milk into a flavored aromatic and healthy drink. It has a number of benefits like it supports Brain Health, Physical growth, Eye health & helps in immunity-boosting, means they get all the nutrients in single tasty & delicious drink.

So.. Tired….but... The Surprises are not over yet..!!

We have another exciting news for all the nutrition lovers..

After so many implementations and researches of our designing team, we are coming up soon with the new look of all our products…!!!

It’s a new us!

Let’s have a look at the new transformation of our products…


Kubala, M. J. S. (2021, February 16). Should Women Take Supplements? Sources and Dietary Needs. Healthline.

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