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Research and Development

Zeon has an in-house R&D which is the power house of innovation. Zeon’s R&D is approved by DSIR, Quality Lab is NABL accredited. Client’s products, formulas and/or idea all can be turned into a leading market brand with the support and expertise of knowledgeable scientists and research team who assists in designing a formula that is unique and cost-effective. 

DSIR # Ziva.png

Key Highlights of Research and Development at Zeon are:

  1. Strength of 40+ Scientists

  2. DSIR certified Lab

  3. Literature studies and Innovative Research

  4. Expertise in Formulation Research and Development:​​

    1. Oral Solid dosage forms (i.e.: Conventional, Chewable, Effervescent, Dispersible Tablets, Two Piece Capsules, and Soft Gelatin Capsules)

    2. Powder and Agglomerated Formulations

    3. Encapsulated Value Added Ingredients

    4. Liquid Formulations

    5. Nano-technology Based Formulations

  5. Scale-up/Process and Cost Optimization

  6. Lab and Pilot Scale Equipment like PLM, Compression Machine, Ribbon Blender, Tray Dryer, Spray Dryer, Fluid Bed Processor, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Roll Compactor, Coating Machine, Capsule Filling Machine etc.

  7. Developed and Commercialized 80+ Formulations

  8. Expertise in Analytical Research and Development:

    1. With Latest Testing Equipment’s

    2. Emphasize on Method Development and Validation of Products and Methods

    3. Walk-in Stability Chambers for Stability Testing as Per ICH Guidelines.

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